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Are you considering renting out your property? 072wonen mediates in all types of rental properties. Whether you want to rent a studio, an apartment, a family home or a luxury villa, we are happy to help you!
There are countless ways to rent out your property; Are you thinking, for example, of renting out for a shorter or longer period, furnished or furnished? With our extensive expertise we can always provide you with suitable advice.
With our own website, through countless other websites or through our extensive relationship network, we will find the right tenant for you in almost all cases.
072wonen works with professional employees in order to guarantee an optimal and customer-oriented service. Quality and speed are our keywords; after all, you do not want unnecessary vacancy of your home.

RENTAL CHECK, Safe & Responsible Letting!

As a VBO broker, we use HUURCHECK. This application has been developed for real estate agents and offers a total solution with all tools in one system to realize uniform, qualitative and secure letting transactions.
As an independent validation institute, HUURCHECK monitors the quality of rental transactions. Real estate agents distinguish themselves through an optimal service and tenants and tenants enjoy safe rental transactions without worry afterwards.
HUURCHECK gives the broker insight into compliance with rental legislation, the duty of care and rental safety.


Your home is worth a lot to you, at 072wonen we understand that. To be able to properly advise you, we would like to make an appointment with you at the relevant home. During this free consultation, the options and conditions for renting out your property are discussed. We will also give you advice about the rental price.

Your property online 

If you instruct us to let your property after the consultation, we will visit you for the actual recording of the property and for taking photos. We will then include your property in our database.
As soon as your home is online on the website of 072wonen, your home is automatically published on dozens of other websites such as: , , This naturally increases the rentability of your home.

As soon as a tenant responds to your home, 072wonen will make an appointment with you for a viewing. We will then come and view your home together with the candidate. If the candidate wants to rent and you have a good feeling with the tenant, we can proceed to mediation. If the proposed tenant does not fully meet your expectations, we will naturally be happy to look for a suitable candidate.
If you do agree with the candidate, we will mediate on your behalf about, among other things, the rental price and intended period. When agreement is reached on this, we first do a thorough screening of the tenant, then we make a customized lease agreement and finally we take care of the check-in and check-out including reporting.


In addition to the rental of your property, you can also choose to have your property managed by 072wonen. We can do the technical and financial management for you and unburden you.

For more information about the management of your property, contact us. We are happy to visit you for a personal conversation!

Download our rental brochure here;

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