In addition to our mediation function, management of living space is also part of our activities. Every owner of living space can outsource the management to Interbeus Beheer BV, that is our management company. For example, if you want to rent out your living space or even the entire building without having to perform the associated tasks every month or if you as a landlord are temporarily abroad.

Our management task consists of collecting rent, handling complaints, taking care of possible maintenance and the resulting correspondence and worries.

Financial and commercial management

The rent for the living space is collected by Interbeus Beheer BV and will be transferred to your account every month in the first week.

Interbeus Beheer BV also has the task of ensuring that the rent is paid by the tenant on time. In the case of rental debt, a reminder is sent first and then a reminder after fourteen days. If the rent arrears covers more than a month, a collection agency will be called in after consultation with Interbeus Beheer BV.

Technical management

Any complaints about maintenance or malfunctions are handled quickly and professionally by Interbeus Beheer BV. If required, we can call in a plumber or carpenter for the necessary maintenance. Of course you can also solve the problem yourself.