Are you looking for a room, a house, an apartment or a detached villa in the Alkmaar region or in Noord-Holland Noord? . We have an extensive range of housing for students, private individuals, companies and expats. Furnished or upholstered? For a shorter or longer period? With 072wonen you are at the right place.


You have seen a nice home with 072wonen. But how to proceed? If you are interested in a property, we can usually view it after making an appointment. Sometimes we first invite you to our office for an intake interview. During this meeting, your living wishes will be discussed further. For some houses we ask you first to complete an application form and send it to us. This form can be found on this page. We assess this and then you will receive a message from us if you are invited or not invited for a viewing.


You can also register first via our website, at the top right of 'registering'. You will then receive an email for confirmation, then you can log in and create your own search profile based on your preference and living requirements. You will then receive an update via email if new homes are included in our housing stock. There are no costs associated with this registration.


It is also possible to give us an assignment for finding a suitable rental property. Then we will start working for you as a tenant broker. We then search for our colleagues and through our extensive network of contacts. In that case you pay us the brokerage fee.


You have found your dream home through us! Now of course you want to receive the key as soon as possible to turn your new home into your new "home". If you are going to rent a house we ask you for the following documents:

  • A valid identity card: passport, ID card, or driver's license;;
  • Three recent pay slips;
  • Recently signed employer's statement or employment contract;
  • Bank statements showing the salaries of the salary;
  • If you are a self-employed person, we would like to receive your most recent income tax assessment and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce and your latest annual figures with an audit certificate.

For most homes we propose an income requirement of three times the rent.


Before the key transfer can be made, the broker will ask you to pay the following costs:

  • An amount for the first month rent;
  • An amount for the deposit, usually equal to one month's rent, some owners request a deposit equal to two months rent*
  • If desired, we can arrange the connections for utilities and TV / internet.

Only in case you give us a search for a property outside our own file, you pay our brokerage fee, which is equal to a monthly rent including 21% VAT.

* Deposit - if all provisions from the rental agreement have been fulfilled correctly - you will receive a refund within one month after the rental period.

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